Build your organization and get Referral Royalties:
Collect $1,000 to $2,000 a year!

Our Simple Aviation NETWorX (ANW); ‘Referral Royalties’ Process:

  • Go to the easy-to-use online Technician Portal and register yourself so you may sign-in.
  • On dashboard RH side, Fill the ‘Refer a Tech’ name and email and add a message to your friend, if you like.
  • Our system will send your colleague your message for their response. Once they respond you are verified as their Sponsor. Although ANW has many features and benefits, that’s all you have to do.
  • YOUR Referral Royalties begin immediately – as soon as they start working with us on a contract job.
  1. If you are currently working with us, you receive $1.00/hr for every hour they work, paid monthly, the following month.
  2. If you are NOT working with us, you still get paid; $0.50/hr for every hour they work, paid monthly, the following month.

That would be 1 to 2,000 dollars per year for one person. Imagine 10 or 20 or more Referral Royalties. Your own residual income without risk or having to deal with financing payroll or paying for insurance and overheads!

Do you know an Effective, Reliable and Proven Technician? As a network of technicians, Aviation NETWorX seeks your assistance in finding the best technicians in the industry. You can help! If you have a past or present colleague or employee who possesses the core attributes needed at ATG, we are asking you to refer and build your network – to your benefit as well.

Why Should I?

  1. You can earn Royalties when you refer a colleague – Once they are working, you can earn cash for every hour your referral works. Contact ATG for details.
  2. You can help your colleague find great jobs in our network, where they too can earn extra.
  3. By adding more skilled technicians to our network, ATG can secure great jobs with the best aviation companies bringing you more opportunities.

Our Simple Aviation NETWorX ‘Recommend for Royalties’ Process:

1. Go to the easy-to-use online Technician Portal, fill the ‘R 4 R’ form

2. Our system will send your colleague your message and get them on board!

3. Start benefiting from the benefits of the NETWorX programs as soon as your ‘R 4 R’ connection is verified.

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Easy enough right? Log in or get registered now and start referring!